Pirate-Style Attack On Trinidad High Seas



 A day of fun at sea turned out to be an evening of terror when six men, in pirate-style, attacked a boat carrying 20 passengers, killing one and injuring seven others.

The Trinidad Express reported that 42-year-old Assim Ali, a carpenter from Cunupia, was killed by a gunshot wound.

Three others remained in serious condition at the hospital and another received minor injuries.

According to the newspaper, the gunmen had targeted six persons that were part of a group of 20, who went on the trip and were on their way back near Five Islands when the 25-foot pirogue was “rammed” on the port side by another boat. The occupants thought it was an accident, but the speedboat that hit the pirogue began to circle the vessel and two of the six men who had guns started to open fire on the group.

The first shot struck the boat’s engine and followed by a barrage of bullets sending the occupants to dive for cover.

Source: Caribbean Net News


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