Church Supports Abortion As Jamaica Seeks To Amend Law

Reverend Dr Marjorie Lewis, who represented the church body, [The United Church of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands] told members of a joint select committee yesterday  that her organisation supports abortion conditionally.

“What we are pointing out is that all Christians do not have the same view. We have, for example, a difference even on the question of contraception. The Roman Catholics do not sanction contraception, we do,” said Lewis.

She said her church had no problem with abortion in instances where a woman was raped or where incest was committed.

The reverend also said there was not a problem in a case where medical opinion pointed to severe disability and where the potential mother or child was at risk. However, Lewis argued that unwanted pregnancies should be avoided and abstinence should be considered and pursued.

She also encouraged the responsible use of contraceptives. 

Attempting to strike a compromise, the church leader said the society should raise the debate to another level.


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