Another Attack On Tourists In Tobago

At a time when the world is in a tailspin and persons may very well forgo any vacations plans outside of their respective countries, significant reduced travel plans to the region will hurt most Caribbean countries whose economy depends heavily on the tourist dollar.

It can become worse when tourists are targeted for selfish gain with the end result sometimes ending in death as was the case in Antigua with the honeymoon couple and the recently murder Swedish couple in Tobago.

This latest attack in Tobago will definitely leave a very sour taste after what the visitors experience on their vacation in the comfort of their guesthouse. Whether minor or major, we just can’t afford the publicity on tourists attacks. As guests in our region, the onus is on us to safeguard their stay as much and make their desired destination a safe haven to be in. The outside world for some odd reason view all Caribbean islands as one. So if a tourist attack took place in Barbados, someone somewhere may decide not to travel to let’s say Dominica because in persons’ mind since Barbados and Dominica [two separate distinct islands] are in the Caribbean then Dominica have a problem with tourists attacks also. Bizarre but true. That’s like a hurricane landing on Jamaica and/or Cuba and the outside world believed the whole Caribbean is hit the by the same hurricane because we are all in the same region!. Even if there is no facts to support such.



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