From Milk To Herbal Medicine – China Recalls Herbal Injections After Infant Deaths

Chinese health authorities are recalling a herbal injection that was suspected to have led to the death of a newborn baby and some adverse effects in another three.

A 9-day-old baby in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province died on Oct. 11, after being injected with “Yinzhihuang”, an injectable remedy containing extracts of herbs, including gardenia and honeysuckle. The drug is widely used, orally and intravenously, in Chinese hospitals to treat liver diseases and infantile jaundice.

The baby was hospitalized at Zhidan County Hospital in the city of Yan’an before he died.

The Ministry of Health confirmed in a teleconference on Sunday that three other newborn babies in the hospital had “adverse effects” after receiving the injection, and told hospitals across the country to stop using the drug.

Bacteria contamination in another injectable herbal product was blamed for three deaths in the southwestern Yunnan Province on Oct. 6.



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