Ho Ho Ho And A Tank Of FULL Gas

Drivers have received an early Christmas gift. Just when motorists were getting use to the reduced drop in fuel prices nearly eight days ago, Santa Claus came a calling again with a further 26 cents reduction in gas & diesel prices at the pump. Starting from midnight.

Such was the end result after Government worked out a formula under a new pricing structure to determine the final retail petrol prices to consumers based on the volatile world market oil prices. With oil prices now below $70/barrel, we can then expect these prices to stick around for some time even before the price of oil skyrocket upwards again.  Maybe, it may be a good idea to stock up on gas heh?


Price Decrease As Follows:


From $$2.48 to $2.29 per litre


From $2.55 to $2.29 per litre

  •  Oil $88/Barrel Barbadians To Pay Less At The Pump


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