World Leaders May Consider Suspending Financial Markets

 Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi told reporters today that stock markets might be suspended in response to the financial meltdown. He was quoting as saying that the solution to the crisis will have to be global and innovative.

The solutions to the crisis will have to be “global and innovative,” Berlusconi said. “There is talk of suspending the markets” while international financial rules are “rewritten.”


Lord Help Us. 

On Another Note

Jamaica is on the World Bank List of financially strain states. Does that means Jamaica may be the one most vulnerable to feel the effects of this global financial meltdown first in the Caribbean?

A new World Bank report on Thursday named 28 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East facing financial strains due to high food and fuel costs and now from a cascading credit crisis.

Among the “fiscally vulnerable” countries are Jordan, Cambodia, Lebanon, Jamaica, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Madagascar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Malawi, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, Fiji, Haiti, Seychelles and Mauritania.


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