Poor People This And Poor People That Time To Stop That Crap Talk Man

 The recent political posturing by Oppositon Leader Mia Mottley is rather distrubing in the face of what is happening to our North American neighbours that it leaves much to be desired.

Human beings are emotional persons prone to think and act on an emotional level more so than logical. With the right words and statements targeting the five human senses, emotional triggers are manipulated by the one pulling the strings to get the desire target to follow their drum beat. Keep repeating a statement many times over, sooner or later the message becomes a virus, the audience your carriers and we all know how damaging a virus can be.

This poor people statement is overated. An emotional trigger no less but highly overated in my books that I am sick & tired of hearing it. Both parties are guilty of it. However like a marketer the Opposition is layering it on like icing on a cake. The icing – keep on living it up, your back is covered. The cake – the idiots [pardon my expression] who can’t think for themselves.

The recent statement from the Opposition that Government should finance the Barbados National Oil Company [BNOC] debt by obtaining a loan from a bank is so ridiculous that it stop short of humour. How de hell borrowing a loan to pay a debt  is easier on taxpayers than for taxpayers to pay  a couple extra cents for diesel & gas now towards the BNOC loan?

How de hell deferring debt payments with interest to future generations easier on the poor man than for “de poor” to help pay off the debt now, clean up the balance sheet of the BNOC and ease the burden for future generations? A business owner not paying on an outstanding loan but leaving it for his/her guarantors to pay for it for next 10 years is a good thing!? You can fool some of the people some of the ime but yuh can’t fool all of the people all of the time,. Bajans better wake up and wake up fast.

That’s one of the reasons why America is in the spot she is today. A borrowing mentality like there is no tomorrow, living it up, importing more than they produce and letting future generations take care of the debt. It’s called irresponsible behaviour. But government is accused of price gouging.

She [Mottley] said she had come “to the inescapable conclusion that the biggest price-gouger in this country is the Government of Barbados”.

Now that one was hilarious.

Are poor people the only ones paying for increase fuel costs? Who are these “people across Barbados [who] are complaining about the burden that they are carrying [and] . . . are saying that things are too tight”?. Did life pat them on the shoulders and said to them “You have been chosen not to receive any of life troubles experience by mankind? The society I came up in taught us to save for what you wanted in life. This present generation is tutored to get now and pay later. If Barbadians want to continue living in glass houses that’s their problem. My problem is that any government that  plays on the emotional fears of people to get their message across because they feel bajans can’t handle the truth, baby them like children, employing deceptive means at the expense of the same taxpayers who voted them in to represent their good  and believe that success is only measured when we hit number one on the developing scale, whilst our roads are in constant disrepair in my books need to change their philosophical approach to life.


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