Did PM Thompson Let The Cat Out Of The Bag?

During his address at the DLP St. Michael West branch meeting, Prime Minister David Thompson spoke on the economics policies of the former BLP administration.

Focusing on the concept of off-budget borrowing, “where you establish a plethora of government-owned, private companies and borrow vast sums of money through them, utilising in particular the Build Own Lease Transfer (BOLT) concept of loan procurement,” Thompson spell out for the faithful what he refer to as nothing more than “artificial short-term success, “whilst  Barbadians listened in awe as Arthur and his side-kicks trotted out performance figures.”

But did any of the faithful heard Thompson make a very revealing statement? Did anyone reading up on Thompson’s speech pick it up?

As this was happening, the arithmetic approach to development as articulated quite recently by the former and perhaps future leader of the Barbados Labour Party Owen Arthur came to light. Source – Barbados Advocate

Rumoured on the streets to be one of the two leaving the political fray, MP Owen made it clear he was staying put to the end of his term. Now Thompson has hinted at the possibility of Owen making a comeback for a future role of leader of the Barbados Labour Party!


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