So We Building A New Hospial Now! Queen Elizabeth Hospital Status Reduced

  First we were refurbishing and expanding the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Next we were looking at building a new hospital. 

Then an original recommendation to build a new hospital north to the current one was rejected based on unsuitable location. Further we were no longer building a new hospital. Now we are.

After discovering a well kept secret [ at least in the developing world] Prime Minister David Thompson is ready to tap the rich of their well earned dollars or easy money to build Barbados newest hospital in 44 years. But would bajans be comfortable with a wing or hospital named after some rich person[s] who pays no taxes here? That apparently can be the trade off amongst other things. Weight that agains the fact that some of the burden would be taken off the taxpayers to fund a $700m new hospital at a yet disclosed location.  A recent poll shows bajans were ready for a new hospital and it seems the government obliged. Either that or continue to pump millions upgrading the old facility. You decide. Yes peoples not all rich folks are stingy. Some do like to give with nothing in return howbeit slim. Now that the air is clear on us going forward on buiding a new hospital, all eyes will be on the government handling of this project, the biggest to date. After all there’s still no law prohibiting companies in family’s names to bid for contracts with the proceeds coming back at you!


One Response to So We Building A New Hospial Now! Queen Elizabeth Hospital Status Reduced

  1. jdid says:

    I hope Bajans wouldn’t have a problem accepting some philanthropist’s money if they get an upgraded facility with better service. I mean when ya sick does it really matter if the facility you’re in is called the Errol barrow wing or the bill gates facility as long as you’re getting proper treatment?

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