Mia Gets Her Wish

Barbados’ unemployment rate is up, but remains in single digits. The rate stood at 8.6 per cent at the end of June, a hike on the 7.9 per cent recorded at the end of March. The jobless rate was also up on the 8.1 per cent logged at the end of June, 2007……..some 133 500 people were employed at the end of last June…..this represents an increase of 200 people in jobs when compared to numbers for April-June, 2007.

“The total labour force increased to 146 000 persons, some 1 000 persons more than the 145 000 persons recorded in the second quarter of 2007,” the statement explained.

“During this period the total number of unemployed persons was 12 000, some 800 persons more than in the corresponding quarter of 2007.”

Source The Nation

On Another Note

With a falling America dollar, America made products should be cheaper than imports coming into their country. Couple with the fact oil prices were declining steadily over the past weeks, why is it that consumers in this county are still face with exorbitant prices on goods? I notice today’s headline.

The argument is abased on SALISES [Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social Studies] data research compiled between 2004 – 2007. Guess the first half of this year would be too much to ask. One need certain raw materials to produced locally made goods. I am not hearing anyone making a case for imported goods coming straight onto  Barbadians shelves.


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