Keltruth Blog Out Of Place

I am all for principles, rights and righteousness but I am somewhat disturbed after reading on Keltruth blog they apparent attempt to malignly embarrass the PM of this country before the United Nations General Assembly where David Thompson is expected to speak this Friday.

The fool-hardy promises of integrity legislation upon assuming offfice which is yet to come into effect is not enough to link the current PM to the scandalous, corrupted affairs of the previous administration in the hope that they too will follow suit. A full year have yet to pass for bajans to take seriously any attempts by this administration to ever implement integrity laws and a Ministerial Code. Before that time any attempt to sent off a letter to United Nations delegates detailing dubious activities over the past years after so soon a young administrationin in office is nothing more than jumping the gun and casting all Barbadians and Barbados as a nation of corrupted thieves.

Hey, Thompson ”convinced that millions of dollars “bizarrely spent” during the previous Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Administration are now stashed in foreign bank accounts,” before a DLP crowd in Canada without any reference of sort, either than ”unearth[ing] horror stories of how millions and millions of dollars were spent in the most bizarre of circumstances,” ”and one day  to be able to track down the bank accounts and expose the culprits,” is just another in a long list of profound statements that successive governments felt the need to utter before a foreign audience rather than on local soil.

Maybe it’s better for an ‘outsider’ to take the lead but Keltruth blog fail to allow the current government to prove its worth. Eight months in office is not  sufficient time in my books. Their season of reckoning is still around the corner.


4 Responses to Keltruth Blog Out Of Place

  1. Thompson had endless time, he had time enough to increase road tax at 400 dollars, create a situation where bus fare can be $2.00 in next 6 months and also destroyed any chance of 1,2 or 3 day car rentals by jacking Tourism licenses to $100 per year – that was his priority? Deal with ITAL as he promised in his 1st 100 days of office! Keltruth is a Bajan overseas in Florida, and not an outsider, guess where we know where your bread is buttered…

  2. BGR says:

    Ian, we just believe it was premature on Keltruth part to send off letters to the UN so soon on any government coming to office under a year. Yes Keltruth is a bajan in Florida, no disrespect on our part, hence outsider as is because an insider will be hard pressed to do it.

    As for the statement ‘guess where we know where your bread is buttered…’ don’t even bother to go there…….lol.

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