Cable & Wireless First To Lay Off Workers – After USD 91.7m Net Profit

     In the highly competitive world of telecommunications, business data and Internet services, if one is not on top of their game, they can be surely left behind in a cloud of smoke by their competitors.

Sometimes when all else have failed, restructuring or laying off people is the only option. That’s is the reason for Cable & Wireless massive firing of one third of its labour force [1200] across the Caribbean. For it to remain a viable entity in this part of the world.  We already know the 100 Jamaicans jobs at the end of March this year.  Viable. Cause for one reason the Caribbean is worth billions to C & W. So expect them to flex some muscle. Viable because Blackberry  mobile phones synonymous with C & W is seeing competition from Digicel whose EDGE [high speed wireless data communication] network [because of lack of 3G network] seems to have more edge over the present network from Cable & Wireless. Viable because TeleBarbados offers wireless Internet for $69 whereas a mere 1MB [really?] from C & W cost the same. Viable because C & W is now playing “ketch up” with the rest of the modern world with implementing the 3G platform. Oh how they love the Caribbean. Those Cable & Wireless employees looking forward to Christmas bonuses now without a job come next year, is a wake up call for Barbadians alike that tumultuous times are ahead of us.  With USD sales of $6,569.4m and a net income of $459.2m ending March 2007 C & W plc planned to become a lean, mean, flying machine to stay ahead of the game.


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