Time Magazine Change Face On Global Warming Now Entertains Other Ideas

On September 3, Time.com in their article examining “Why Disasters Are Getting Worse,” made a “shocking” discovery.

…..there is another inconvenient truth out there: We are getting more vulnerable to weather mostly because of where we live, not just how we live.

One of the world’s influential magazines known for its blame it on global warming it can’t be anything else rhetoric when its comes to weather systems, [talk about objective journalism] now looks at migration, building codes and removal of natural protective barriers for much of history’s destructive storms & hurricanes. It even quotes a scientist for its eureka moment.


“There has been no trend in the number or intensity of storms at landfall since 1900,” says Pielke, a professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado. “The storms themselves haven’t changed.”

So if the intensity of storms/hurricanes have not change much, in other words if we take global warming out of the picture all together or reduce it to a minuscule percentage of the problem, what is there left? Massive populations build up in coastal areas/cities = more lost of lives & damaged buildings. Translation: we become our worse enemies when we remove our natural protective barriers that nature gives to minimise nature destructive forces.

……the most insidious effect of building condos and industry along water is that we are systematically stripping coasts of the protection that used to cushion the blow of extreme weather. Three years after Katrina, southern Louisiana is still losing a football field’s worth of wetlands every 38 minutes.

Human beings have been clearing away our best protections all over the world, says Kathleen Tierney, director of the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder. “The natural protections are diminishing — whether you’re talking about mangrove forests in areas affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami, wetlands in the Gulf Coast or forests, which offer protection against landslides and mudslides.”

A rather illuminating moment from the editors of Time Magazine.

Business and Media Institute   list some of the 400 prominent scientists from Russia to Brazil, from America to Australia who remained skeptical over this global warming hysteria.




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