Obama Invited To Barbados By PM Thompson

     Win, lose or draw, on November 2, 2008, US Presidential candidate Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha, have been invited to Barbados to “chill out, very soon thereafter”.

Prime Minister David Thompson has asked the most influential African-American on Capitol Hill to convey the invitation to Obama, whose candidacy for the world’s top job was confirmed in spectacular fashion last Thursday evening.

In the presence of several leading members of the Democratic Party, including House Democratic Majority Leader, Steny Hower, PM Thompson asked Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina to convey the special invitation to the Obamas “irrespective of the outcome”.

“For us in Barbados and the wider Caribbean, Barack Obama is already a winner. He is a hero for many and the Government and people of Barbados would be honoured to welcome the Obama family to our shores.

“Barbados has hosted presidents in the past, but Barack’s visit, with or without the Presidential seal, would be like no other,” Thompson said at a reception held in his honour in Denver, Colorado.

The Barbados leader was in the Mile High City to witness Obama’s official acceptance of the nomination. He watched the historic event from Clyburns suite at the packed to capacity Invesco Field, home to the Denver Broncos football team.

Back in Barbados yesterday for his Democratic Labour Party’s 53rd Annual Conference,Thompson told the Barbados Advocate that nationals here should not underestimate the value of such networking and the embrace of Barbados on such a historic and auspicious occasion.

“I am not one to gloat or beat my chest, but Barbados could not have paid for the exposure it received, not only to American and international media networks, but more importantly at this time, the access that it had to some of the most powerful lobbyists and decision makers in America. I was amazed by the genuine interest that such personalities displayed in Barbados,” Thompson said.

He indicated that the invitation to the Obamas would be extended through formal channels, particularly in light of the very warm reception extended to the Barbados leader by officials of the Obama Campaign.

“Diplomatic efforts through missions abroad are limited and limiting. More and more, countries such as Barbados and the islands of the Caribbean are going to have to turn to influential lobbyists, including networking on Capitol Hill, to have our concerns raised and interests represented. The days of merely sending a diplomatic note in the hope of being heard are long gone. Additionally, the US political system is quite different to ours. The role of Congress is different to our House. The President may have one agenda and the Congress may have another. That reality needs to be effectively understood and relations with Congressmen assume great importance,” Thompson added.

He said the formal and informal interface this past week with the top brass of the Democratic Party, as well as his talks with Representative Charles Rangel earlier this year, have put Barbados and the Caribbean in good stead for enhanced relations with the United States.

“We are not getting involved in the domestic politics of the United States. We could not influence the outcome of US elections, even if we wanted to. What we are saying, as a government and as a country, is that this is a historic period of world history and Barbados is grateful and fortunate to be at the table of potential opportunity,” the Barbados Leader explained.

Source – Barbados Advocate



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