Guyanese Pissed Off By Nation News’ Journalist

Call Kensington Oval A Space Age Monster!!!

Kensington Oval, Barbados.jpg

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Guyanese are mad as hell. Carifesta X [Caribbean Festival of Creative Arts] now being held in Guyana until Sept 25 had its share of journalists presented at the opening ceremony.

One of those is Michelle Springer from the Nation’s newspaper. Ms Springer didn’t think to highly of the performances and gave her critique here.  Well who tell she to do that?  Livinguyana’s Bajan Journalists Slams Carifiasco Opening Ceremony  pick up on that story. The blog make sure to start off first with the positives reviews on Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago presentations and then end, giving readers the comparisons on the negatives reviews on the rest of the opening gala hosted by Guyana.

One anonymous blogger [who was identified as a Bajan by a Guyanese] said

Fair and balanced report from an independent journalist. The show will be quickly forgotten because it was a poor show overall. There were a few good elements but the vast majority of it was poor.

Dat dine went down to well

Fair and balance meh cyat! the whole caribbean is anti indian and hence anti PPP. Get that right!

Apparently GMC is a Bajan. Dem black rass can say what the want, Guyanese black,Indian and other don’t like them.

One even challenged us to hold it in our space age monster of a stadium!

….well next time let Barbados host in that out of place in the tropics, space age looking monster of a stadium they call Kessington Oval.

I was outside in the veranda on the phone facing the TV when I saw the Carifesta opening ceremony earlier tonight. It was in very poor taste.  Read responses here


4 Responses to Guyanese Pissed Off By Nation News’ Journalist

  1. I have no idea if LivinGuyana will publish my remark but let’s see what my recall is like – That stupid debacle reminds me of when I reviewed the fledgling spoken word community here, I was their hero until I dared to critique one of their shows that was in poor taste… OMG, what a villain I became!

    No one over at LivinGuyana acknowledged any of Michelle’s valid concerns – the fact spectators were in her view far from the action; the lack of projector screens nor any proper audio for those from afar…

    Instead there’s a whole lot of racial junk being spewed at LivinGuyana, well – maybe Carifesta should be held at Kensington (ugly or not), because at least there’d be good audio and large projector screens like how Cohobblopot was done!

  2. jdid says:

    looks like it deteriorated quickly into a black vs indian issue though

  3. BGR says:

    To tell u the honest truth I had a belly laugh. How it ever got there is beyond me. Steupseeeeeee.

  4. youcouldbelievethis says:

    My word.

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