08/08/08 – Let The Games [2008 Beijing Olympic Games] Begin


In a few hours time, Barbadians like millions around the world will watch the largest sporting event on earth  taking place in China. Host to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Games. Predicting overcast skies come Friday night for the nearly 4 hr opening ceremony  featuring 15,000 performers and 29,000 fireworks but no rain, Chinese officials would well do against any cloudy invasion of smog, fog and other og’s obscuring ones view whether live & direct or through camera’s lenses.

For the cold hard facts are despite China human rights records to the number of restrictions place on visitors alike, the Olympics would always be a drawing card for the rich and poor, bond and free. [Until the initial excitement wears off and one can’t wait for it to end].

Olympic Village – Credit: Zhang Guojun/Xinhua 

Over 16,000 athletes, coaches and their entourage [including Barbados] from over 200 countries and regions have descended on the Olympic Village, [their home for the next 17 days]. Divided into 3 sections: [1] international, [2] residential, [3] operations, its features a main restaurant feeding 5000 people, apartments, fire station, tea houses, coffee shops, barber shops, leisure and exercise quarters, post office, clinic, library, entertainment center and shops. Canadian Press  reports that athletes are being housed under tight security. An army helicopter buzzed overhead, and the perimeter is encased with razor-wire fencing and soldiers that stand at attention.

37 different venues in 6 co-host cities besides Beijing will showcased the greatest sport competition over the next few days. Co-host cities are: Qingdao – [sailing], Hong Kong – [equestrian], Tiangjin – [football], Shanghai – [football] and Qinhuangdoa – [football]. All eyes rest on our Olympic team making exceptional performances with the region highest medals coming from Jamaica- [Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell], Bahamas and Trinidad & Tobago.

Barbados had its flag raising ceremony on Wednesday. Unfortunately no mention of it was placed on the Barbados Olympic Association’s website. Why? Difficulties getting info from out of China. Reason? Internet blockage. Yet I found links on the web on Jamaica and Cuba’s flag raising ceremonies. This outside the Caribbean area! I searched CMC [Caribbean Media Corporation] website. Their lastest news article on the Olympics[Aug 6th 08] is the same one printed today by the Nation. Isn’t CMC the official broadcaster of the Olympic Games in this part of the world? Isn’t the Barbados Olympic Association the official website of the Beijing Games? There’s is no reason in this mighty age of internet technology that a platform couldn’t have been created to allow athletes to blog on their experiences and send photos too. Some will make it through and just wouldn’t. And to think each member of the association have their email addresses online. All avenues ought to have been explored. Unfortunately no one thought about it according to the caller I [my wife] spoke too on the line. Hopefully a situation like this will be rectified come 2012. 

Opening Ceremony –  Friday 08/08/08 – 8pm [ Tape Delay]?

C.M.C [Caribbean Media Corporation] will carry live feeds from 6am – 10am and 10pm to 1am.


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  2. BGR says:

    If any one is interested right now at work i am watching live ceremony coverage @

    if you don’ mind non-english.

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