Barbados Fast Becoming A Known Hideout For Crooks

Source – Crunch Gear 


Readers may be aware of an international scam that have defrauded thousands of dollars of hard earned monies out of peoples’ pockets for the upcoming Beijing Olympics leaving thousands if not millions of people without an Olympic seat. I am still trying to assess that information.

Apparently because for an international sport event one always purchased tickets online from a legitimate website and before you do, one verified first with the host country’s committee and website in charge of said event. Google ranking have nothing whatsoever to do with legitimacy. These slick operators have available technology at hand, maybe a couple of tech savvy guys and operate undetected. These scammers set up fake websites link to legitimate website[s], overselling non existence tickets.  Only to be told to buyers later that no tickets are available or already sold out. Of course getting a refund will be a hassle since your payment went in the hands of crooks and not legitimate operators.  As is the case with  Terry Shepherd. A British scammer. Mr Gamble an Australia private investigator has been tracking this schemer for years. Have a fat dossier on his nefarious deeds, informed police and was ignored. Now the scammer is believed to have fled to Barbados. Based here since 2003. With all that cash Terry Shepherd must be living up big in one of those high condominiums on the West Coast. Or perhaps in a gated community where local officers don’t have the balls to perceed beyond the gate. Barbados seems to be the first destination of choice on crooks/criminals minds when fleeing from apprehension. Now that will surely put Barbados on the top of international law enforcement lists of known countries where  crooks/criminals hide out.






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