Barbados Home To World’s Smallest Snake


Source BBC

Barbados is featured in Zootaxa. An international scientific journal for animal taxonomists for having the world’s tiniest species of snake. Taxonomy is the practice and science of classification. According S.Blair Hedges, an evolutionary biologist, “the snake was found slithering beneath a rock near a patch of Barbadian forest.” Like Christopher Columbus who “discovered” the New World, this research team “discovered” this remarkable undiscovered species!!!

Well if I knew we had the world’s smallest snake I would have called in a couple scientists from the UWI and put Barbados on the biological map every since. Two slither up the bathroom drain couple nights ago. Don’t know where they were going but they didn’t get too far. This being the first time in years I have laid my eyes on them too.  And the name given to the brown worm snake – “Leptotyphiops cariae”. My Latin isn’t too well but nothing about that name ain’t sound Bajan to me. Gross insult. Well at least Barbados would be remember for  place of discovery.

From The Economics Times

A US scientist has discovered the globe’s tiniest species of snake in the easternmost Caribbean island of Barbados, with full-grown adults typically stretching less than 4 inches (10 centimeters) long.S. Blair Hedges, an evolutionary biologist at Penn State University whose research teams also have discovered the world’s tiniest lizard in the Dominican Republic and the smallest frog in Cuba, said the snake was found slithering beneath a rock near a patch of Barbadian forest.
Hedges said the tiny-title-holding snake, which is so diminutive it can curl up on a US quarter, is the smallest of the roughly 3,100 known snake species. It will be introduced to the scientific world in the journal ‘ Zootaxa ” on Monday.
“New and interesting species are still being discovered on Caribbean islands, despite the very small amount of natural forests remaining,” said Hedges, who christened the miniature brown snake “Leptotyphlops carlae” after his herpetologist wife, Carla Ann Hass.
The Barbadian snake apparently eats termites and insect larvae, but nothing is yet known of its ecology and behaviour. Genetic tests identified the snake as a new species, according to Hedges. It is not venomous.
Zoologist Roy McDiarmid, curator of amphibians and reptiles at the Smithsonian’s National Museumn of Natural History in Washington, said he has seen a specimen of the diminutive creature. He saw no reason to argue with the assertion that it is the world’s smallest snake.
McDiarmid said the Barbados creature is a type of thread snake, also called worm snake, which are mostly found in the tropics. “We really know very little about these things,” he said in a Sunday telephone interview from his Virginia home

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