Thompson Have ZR Operators Running Scare

   The ZR Association is scrambling to get its house in order. The association rushed to revitalized its disciplinary commitee in an effort to stamped out unruly behaviour among its members as one measure to clean up its image.

With a permanent ban hanging around their necks like an albatross the Association is coming to grips with the hard lined approach by the Thompson led government  to ban the sector by law from transporting the nation’s schoolchildren due to the detrimental impact the sector is having the nation’s youth. With this reality staring them in the face plus free transport of schoolchildren on Transport Board buses we can therefore surmise that all it took to bring the operators back in line instead of leaving uncouth behaviour by their members uncheck was a reduction in profit margins and a threat. To show the public it means business, they have even hired a retired superintendent of police to sit on the same committee. But it is going to take more than just disciplining members for traffic violations rectified itself in the eyes of the public. At the heart of the matter is the loud, raw, explicit lyrics dancehall music  schoolchildren are expose too everyday. Very early in the morning. Positive lyrics brings out positive behaviour.  Negative lyrics brings out negative behaviour. Our children are bombarded everyday 24/7, 365 with negative lyrics that glorified drugs, sex, violence and prison time corrupting young minds. Fourteen long years we had nothing but shop talk whilst we allow the sector to become a law unto themselves. Transport Boards buses do not carry any speakers, amplifiers, stereo systems and equalizers.  Yet bus drivers know when a weather system is near Barbados. Why should the ZR’s be any different. The sooner schoolchildren and Bajans can ride in silence, the sooner the PSV operators public relations improve, the sooner the bad seeds are banned from holding a ZR license the sooner the sector will earned the public respect.

One Response to Thompson Have ZR Operators Running Scare

  1. BGR says:

    Correction peoples, the line With a permanent ban hanging around their necks like an albatross should read
    With talks of a permanent ban hanging around their necks like an albatross.

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