Chavez Says Oil Could Hit $300 A Barrel!

      Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said last night oil prices could hit $300 per barrel if US oil company Exxon Mobil again freezes Venezuelan assets in a dispute over a nationalized oil project.

Exxon won court orders freezing $12 billion in assets held by Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA after the OPEC nation took over a multi-billion dollar oil project, heightening tensions with the United States and helping to raise oil prices.

A London court later overturned Exxon’s temporary asset freeze, but Chavez said the company could seek further action against Venezuela.

“If they freeze us there will be no more oil for the United States, and the price will go to $300,” Chavez said during a televised meeting with Caribbean and Central American leaders as part of an energy cooperation scheme called Petrocaribe.

Chavez also said oil prices were being influenced by a “speculative bubble”, the collapse of which could send prices as low as $70 per barrel.

This contrasted with his Saturday statements that geopolitical tensions, particularly the threat of an invasion against Iran, could push oil prices to $200 per barrel.

“Years ago I said oil was going to go to $100 per barrel, now it looks like it is headed toward $200,” he said.

Source: Irish Times

One Response to Chavez Says Oil Could Hit $300 A Barrel!

  1. no1infidel says:

    Hmmmm… If I were a dimented, authoritarian dictator of an oil rich nation I might think of a thing or two that would artificially drive the price of oil through the roof to enrich myself. Hell, I’m sure there’s even a way to blame America while doing it.

    I could… say… threaten to invade and ahnihilate a stable democracy, propped up by those American imperialists. Maybe I would amass my troops along a narrow stretch of waterway that transports tankers. Come to think of it, I could just threaten any old country on the planet and blame those vicous yanks for plotting to kill me.

    The truth is… Exxon, Shell, George Bush, Halliburton, and the rest of the so-called “evil empire” are nothing but pawns. Running around in reaction mode to every perceived global threat and demand that comes down the pike. All of them easy targets for the politicians and pundits in this country who are looking for any schmuck to take the heat off of their own greed and incompetency.

    No, the real truth is much more dangerous and insideous than a bunch of elite oil barrons bilking us poor citizens out of some extra cash. The real truth is that all those politicians, speculators and power brokers point towards each other because it not only fingers the supposed bad guy, it gives us dumbass American taxpayers the false impression that our leaders are in control.

    Well, the only true power these geldings wield is the power to use free news time to manipulate and scare-monger the angry masses into believing that if we only listened to them, and passed money their way or voted for their pipe-dream of a policy or candidacy, that the entire problem would be solved.

    Our saviors in waiting. If only we would give them the vast power to help us poor pathetic sheep out of the oppression these corporate bandits hold over us. They would simply pass a brilliant new law or mandate some secret new energy source. Tax all those bad guys and gosh darn, give us bloated idiots back our Constitutional right to drive hummers to the grocery store for $2.25 a gallon.

    Wake up people. All this hype and drama over who’s to blame for our energy dilema is in direct proportion to how much control they really have. The louder they yell, the weaker they are. Like a toothless pile of Shih Tzu’s behind Grandmas screen door.

    But no… It’s not to be, for it’s the Mullahs, Princess and Sociopaths with their finger on the power switch. So how do our leaders respond? By patheticly squabbling over the taxes, mandates and regulations they use to squeeze the remaining pennies out of our pockets. Their riches, you see are much more noble. Riches not from selling a hard earned product at a competitive price under tough socio-economic conditions. Their riches are tricked and stolen out of the pockets of taxpayers under the guise of “we know what’s best for you”. Medecine for our own good in order to show the Executives who’s in control.

    I suppose it makes sense in a way. Why risk rocking the boat. It’s easy to blame Executives and Speculators. Who doesn’t hate them? Why risk your political career putting the heat on our true enemies when (at heart) you don’t think you can win anyway. Telling the truth would just be highlighting your past ineptitude and current lack of power. The dumbass voters would be on to you. Why couldn’t you adapt? Didn’t you see this happening? No, status quo is much safer. And those scraps pay the bills right?

    Alas, there may just be a solution. However improbable it is right there non-the-less. Just maybe… Just maybe our leaders will have the cojones to change their longheld failed policy positions and admit that by abandoning the platform of lies and promises that got them elected, they may just be able to turn things around or at least let us do it for them. Swallow your false pride. Grab your package and create policy that punishes the puppet masters and not your constituents. Let American’s have the freedom to do what they do best; work hard, make money and prove the entire world wrong once again. We will figure out how to extract our dumbasses from this mess. We will invent what needs to be invented. And we will once again be able to look at the rest of the owrld in the eye again and say F*^K YOU. We’ll do it ourselves. All you need to do is admit your policies don’t work and get the hell out of the way.

    Yes, you’ll probably lose your coveted house seat but by God! By God man, you’ll finally do something virtuous and productive with your last remaining shred of decency.

    Yeah right! Sigh.

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