Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson First Budget Speech – A Breathe Of Fresh Air

    In his first Budget speech yesterday PM David Thompson delivered a number of initiatives aim at the general populace  which enforce the fact the Democratic Party do seem to have the whole population of Barbadians at heart and not just a particular segment. This is what Government is about. For the people, of the people and by the people. The very fact that the PM sought out the concerns of various parties in consulations is testament to that.

From the construction industry to the real estate industry. From the taxi man to parents everyone had something to smile about. We are especially please that government have scraped the flyovers. Not necessary at this point. Second hand dealers are now on the same level as new cars dealers. Both having to pay the same Environmental Levy of $1500.00. Increase taxes on alcohol and cigarettes. Long over due. Man made islands off the West Coast of Barbados. Not a bad idea. Barbados is a small island and the population is increasing rapidly due to the illegal influx. This would certainly gave the real estate industry here additional land to build their condominiums, town houses etc, freeing up scare land although I don’t see necessarily see the issue of sea  view blockage addressed.

Question. Will offshore real estate prices still affect onshore real estate prices?.  How can we forget the free bus fares for schoolchildren. Can we expect then additional buses on the routes not adequately served? The initiative I believe is to get parents to force their children to ride the buses. Also mention was an airport/air strip in St.Lucy. MP Denis Kellman is getting his wish. Marinas on the south and west coast of Barbados to enhance the tourism product. Jetties. Again government is looking at competition in the distributor section to help offset the high cost of living by allowing foreign food companies to set up here. Whilst we welcome this Bajans need to bear in mind the possibilities of the market flooded with cheaper foods with less nutritional value and possible GM foods? Then there’s always the employment factor to consider.

We believe the budget was a good one. Most talk would probably centre around the increase road tax of private vehicles from $265.00 to $400.00.


2 Responses to Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson First Budget Speech – A Breathe Of Fresh Air

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  2. BGR says:

    Another highly controversial issue is the increase registeration cost of a visitor driving permit. From $10.00 to $100.00. The PM is going to waive it. For now. That decision is beyond me. I can’t understand the rationale for this one. Getting an int’l driver permit still ain’t no good either cos one still have to be register in order to drive.

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