Barbados Mad Rush To Sign EPA Agreement

Ask me what the EPA is and I would be the first  tell you I have not a clue. Other than the fact it is an economic agreement between the European Union and the Caribbean and also at the end of the day it would be most advantageous to Europe than the Caribbean as is always the case I can’t begin to explain what are the benefits to be derived from an agreement with the Caribbean.

So it is with great interest to read that Guyana refuse to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement [EPA] because of legal opinion. A legal opinion not from the University Of the West Indies but from the University of Cambridge.

University of Cambridge International Law Professor, Dr Lorand Bartels have made a case that Caribbean Governments under World Trade Organisation law are not obliged to sign the agreement. Initialled text is sufficient for negotiation  yet today’s Nation highlights Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and International Trade Chris Sinckler pushing for a full signing of the agreement on July 23.

And what about the agreement in itself?

The minister was of the view that the agreement presented opportunities as well as challenges.

“It does have faults but when we negotiate we are not going to get everything that we ask for but you have to look at the totality,” Sinckler added, noting that there would be an opportunity to revisit the EPA in a few years.

What totality? I want to know how this agreement gine benefit me and my country. I want to know what the government is negotiating in return.? I want to know the pro and the cons of the EPA agreement.  This reminds me of that republic affair. Owen wanted to push it through the back door and keep the people in the dark. What are you not telling us Sinckler? If the Professor is right why are we cowering under threaten export tariffs if there is a case to be made on our behalf?

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