How Widespread Is Teacher/Student Relationships Here In Barbados?

From what we can ascertain from the Nation’s confusing article concerning a high school teacher, Janmattie Singh of Caribbean heritage [ her surname would suggest Trinidadian or Guyanese] is charged with raping 3 boys. It would seems that the teacher rape 2-18 years and a 15 year old, all cousins.

This is after calling up one 18 year for sex who in turn told her he was with his other cousins and could not oblige her. Nevertheless the teacher came over and decided to have sex with all 3 of them.

My first reaction was “Is she mad”?. Read more of this post

Did The “An Yue Jiang” Delivered Its Arm Shipment To Zimbabwe?

A couple of weeks ago there was an international uproar surrounding a Chinese ship the An Yue Jiang, carrying weapons of mass destruction umm sorry, ammunition which included assault rifles, mortar rounds and rocket propelled grenades destined for Mugabe’s government.

Such controversy surrounded the vessel that it never got it cargo off loaded at the South African port of Durban where it would have been transported overland to Zimbawe. Last we heard it was sailing back to China.

Or did it? Read more of this post

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