Islamists Burn Churches After Rescue Of Girls

Islamists under the auspices of a paramilitary force last week destroyed six churches to protest a police rescue of two teenage Christian girls kidnapped by Muslims in this Bauchi state town.

Police recovered the two Christian girls, Mary Chikwodi Okoye, 15, and Uche Edward, 14, on May 12 after Muslims in Ningi kidnapped them three weeks ago in an attempt to expand Islam by marrying them to Muslim men. Police took the two girls, who had been under foster care, to safety in southeastern Nigeria where their biological parents live.

The kidnappers had taken the girls to Wudil town in Kano state. Following the rescue of the girls, Muslims under the auspices of the Hisbah Command, a paramilitary arm of Kano state’s Sharia Commission, responsible for enforcing Islamic law, went on a rampage on Tuesday , attacking Christians and setting fire to the churches.

The destroyed churches were the Deeper Life Bible Church, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, All Souls Anglican Church, Church of Christ in Nigeria, Redeemed Christian Church of God, and the Redeemed Peoples Mission.

Joseph Abdu, pastor of Deeper Life Bible Church, told Compass that damages to his church property in the Muslim rampage of May 13 amounted to about 13 million naira – and that his congregation had shrunk to 40 people from the 130 who attended before the attack.

Abdu said the Christian foster parents of the two rescued girls, Kanayo Chukwu Osakwe and Robinson Ajolokwu Ozuagbunna, noticed the teenagers were missing three weeks ago and reported it to police and to Ningi’s Emirate Council.

“The Christian community in Ningi, having reported the matter to the police, organized a search team to search for the missing girls,” Abdu said. “Word eventually got to the search team that the girls were being held in the town of Wudil in Kano state by a Muslim leader in that town.”

The search team of Christians along with two policemen went to Wudil, only to be told that the Hisbah Command had returned the girls to Ningi to the Muslim leader of the town, the Emir of Ningi, Alhaji Muhammadu Yunusa Danyaya.

“The team returned to Ningi and confirmed that the girls were in the palace of the Muslim leader, but that they would not be released to their parents until the Emir, who was out of town, returned,” Abdu told Compass.

Kidnapping of teenage Christian girls by Muslims, the pastor said, has become a recurring practice in Ningi. Muslims have kidnapped at least 13 Christian girls in the town, Christian sources said.

“These girls are usually kidnapped, forcefully converted to Islam, and then married out to other Muslim men against the will of both the girls and their parents,” Abdu said.

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3 Responses to Islamists Burn Churches After Rescue Of Girls

  1. Ok… This is one of a good few items here knocking on Islam, so what is your take on using a Q’uran for target practice that even Dubya had to apologise for that Marine who did that nasty thing?

    Or, like BFP this is another ‘…if you say Allah you must have a bomb in the hand…‘ blog? Again I say, remember Timothy McVeigh/ Columbine/ the Korean at W. Va. Uni massacre/ Koresh in Waco, Texas/ Jim Jones in Guyana and the latest Mormon standoff with hostages – they all have their basis in CHRISTIANITY, but no commentary on that – then again they hollered “God,” so does that make it cool?

    BTW; let’s not forget the Orangemen of Eire – alias the Protys and Catholics where a wall is built between two branches of CHRISTIANITY! I have seen Irish vacationing in Barbados breaking Banks beer bottles ready to slash each other over the same matter too!

    Finally, I have no idea what your readership is like, but if you limit comments to those who sign in alone instead of just moderating any comments you will find even less comments here than at my News-Blog or Pull-Push’s!

    If you wish to boost readership you have to look at more original items like those on Mia & Richard Sealy every now and again, just a thought?

  2. BGR says:

    Hello Bajan Reporter,

    Firstly this is not a “….. if you say Allah you must have a bomb in the hand” blog?. The incident with the solider using the Koran as target practice is a case of the solider releasing pent up fustration. The Koran just happen to be the one thing relating to the islamists that he is fighting against.
    We don’t want a repeat case of the American soliders killing innocent people again do we?. However what he did was wrong as the Koran is the spiritual book of the muslims and that fact still have to be respected.

    Secondly we prefer not to moderate comments as that will kill spontaneity. If there is any abuse of any kind we will consider such.

    Thirdly in regard to Mia and Sealy we have articles on them both. Mr Reudon Eversley in an article titled “A race against time” in his weekend column brought out our article more eloquently re: Mia trying to solidify her position as a future PM. I believe you can appreciate the fact that there is a change in government and the political arena is quite young. However as time progress things sure will be heating up!

    Fourthly the above post is about the kidnapping of children/teenagers for the sole purpose of marrying them off to big hardback men. Obviously that is not the law of the land!

    Lastly this is a blog highlighting “news, views and happenings around the globe” it is not a blog dedicated to Bajan news only. The blog was born out of a hobby to post articles we find interesting. We just do not have the time or resources to do any investigative journalism as being working people takes up our time. Maybe later but time constraints us right now. Besides there are two other blog doing just that.

    What about Richard Sealy do you find interesting?

  3. All I did was appreciate your original comments on Mia and Sealy, rather than just regurgitate what is out there – add your own spin when possible!

    As for moderation, I know there are various types for most blogs…

    Free Range was what BFP had before the spammers

    Receive and moderate, like myself and Pull-Push

    or – your option, like sayonaratosilence’s which is you have to be logged in to comment

    I don’t necessarily handle investigative journalism but there are places where Bajans fear to tread, art and restaurants and service – I plan to cross those lines regularly

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