Unsanitary Water in Faith’s Pen Jamaica Threat To People Lives

Imagine going to your favourite lunch spot to have some good ‘ole bajan rice & stew with finger licking baked chicken or just to grab a quick bite to quell the hungry pangs until you get home to eat.

Imagine between now and the next couple of hours you start to experience stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Well that is the likely scenario facing residents in St. Ann Jamaica populating a favourite food spot by the name of Faith’s Pen food arcade. Health inspectors there condemned the water supply because locals and tourists were exposed to clear and present danger!!!.

This arcade caters to both locals and foreigners and it would have grave implications if people who purchase food items come down with food-borne illnesses,” said the health inspector.

The water supply owned and operated by St. Ann Parish Church failed the necessary health standards for ‘consumable’ levels.

Everything2.com  have a brief write up on one of the causes of food poisoning.

Campylobacter jejuni

This is the commonest cause of food poisoning, despite not being widely known to the public. It is commonly found in the guts of humans and animals, and is therefore usually transmitted by simple cross contamination. It can also be found in contaminated drinking water. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea and fever, but there can sometimes be more serious complications.

Blue Dragon  goes into more detail about the gut wrenching bacteria.

News Story

The chief public health inspector for St Ann, Granville McKenzie, is warning members of the public to be careful how they purchase and consume food being sold at the Faith’s Pen food arcade.

He said the water which supplies the arcade and the residential district of Faith’s Pen is not being treated and, therefore, is unfit for consumption.

Risk of food-borne illnesses

McKenzie said due to the poor state of the water supply, persons who consume food from the arcade could run the risk of getting food-borne illnesses.

“This arcade caters to both locals and foreigners and it would have grave implications if people who purchase food items come down with food-borne illnesses,” said the health inspector.

McKenzie implored the St Ann Parish Council to get the Faith’s Pen water supply up to consumption standards.

The Faith’s Pen supply is only one of 27 minor water supplies owned and operated by the St Ann Parish Council.

However, the chief public health inspector reported that only 12 of these supplies were treated, with the other 65 supplying untreated water to residents in a number of communities.

McKenzie made these comments while delivering the monthly health report to the St Ann Parish Council last Thursday.

Not consistently maintained

He went on to say that even though 12 of the water supplies were able to attain ‘treated water status’, none of them showed that they can consistently maintain their supply to the satisfaction of the health department. Most of the communities that are being supplied with untreated water fall between northwest and southwest St Ann.

The Murray Mountain water supply obtained treated status from the health department but, in recent months, no chlorine has been supplied to maintain the treatment.

Responding to McKenzie, councillor for the Alexandria division, Gilbert McLeod, said tanks in the districts of Trysee, St D’Acre and Alva were all contaminated.

McKenzie said the health department was willing to work with the council to get the tanks up to consumable standards.

Source – Jamaica Gleaner


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