Haiti’s New Prime Minister Named Amidst Food Crisis

Haiti on Sunday named a new prime minister two weeks after his predecessor was ousted over rocketing food and fuel prices that sparked violent demonstrations claiming several lives.

President Rene Preval chose Ericq Pierre, 63, a respected Haitian economist with the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, to be the country’s prime minister, government sources told AFP.

Pierre, whose nomination must now pass a vote in parliament, would succeed former premier Jacques-Edouard Alexis, who was forced to resign on April 12 after a no-confidence vote followed food riots that killed six people and wounded around 200.

Source –  Edmonton Journal

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3 Responses to Haiti’s New Prime Minister Named Amidst Food Crisis

  1. Amiss? Surely you mean Amidst? Whoops!

  2. BGR says:

    Yes. You are right and to think I borrowed their headline! and not pick it up. Corrected. Thanks.

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