Video Clip Of “Canned” Surgery Place On YouTube

Sometimes a close encounter can be hazardous to your health and life as well.

A video posted on YouTube showing a boisterous group of medical staff during the course of an operation could lead to charges against the surgeons and cost them their medical licences, officials in the Philippines said on Wednesday.

The 3-minute video of a noisy operating room shows doctors and nurses laughing, giggling and cheering.

At one point, a hand holding a cell phone camera tries to zoom in on the proceedings. As a doctor gingerly pulls out the 15-centimetre long canister from the male patient’s rectum, someone shouts, “Baby out!” amid loud cheers.

The doctor then removes the canister cap and sprays the contents toward the crowd of nurses and doctors viewing the procedure.

The unidentified 39-year-old patient went under the scalpel on January 3 following a New Year drinking spree and a “one-night stand” with a male partner, said his lawyer Guiller Ceniza, indicating his client would sue.

The man a florist said he ended up with the spray can inside him after insulting his partner’s penis size.

Medical center spokesman Dr. Emmanuel Gines of the government-run hospital said that more than 10 people were involved including staff, and nursing students from a nearby operating room.

The video has since been taken off the popular web-sharing site.

[Adapted from International Press Reports]


One Response to Video Clip Of “Canned” Surgery Place On YouTube

  1. BGR says:

    Guess he learn his lesson.

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