DLP Government Takes Bull By The Horns Despite Its Detractors But Still Have A Long Way To Go

In what was billed as a press conference turned out nothing more than ” a conversation with the Prime Minister” [as Mr Cox candidly puts it] with 3 journalists quizzing Prime Minister David Thompson on the vexing issue of rising food prices, DLP manifesto promises amongst other things in a 90min CBC broadcast.

David Ellis who suddenly found his journalistic bite when it comes to questioning Prime Ministers, took over the role from Mr Cox at playing the devil advocate by challenging David Thompson on what critics would deem as the government failure to implement certain fulfilment’s in the 100 day deadline.

With Bajans paying more at the pump today coming on the heels of a 30% increase of flour on the local market, Ellis felt that integrity legislation, declaration of assets and deadline issues were more of a concern than what ordinary Barbadians can put in their mouths. Three times David Ellis brought the issue up, still not satisfied by the PM’s reponse. The DLP government definitely put its foot in the mouth with these 100 day deadlines, [part election talk, part vision of new governance] and according to Ellis ‘misleading the public’, nevertheless the sincerity is there clean up and straighten up governance in Barbados even if it meant firing his own Ministers!. Since certain procedures would be in place to straighten out the blur between right and wrong which according to Thompson, the previous BLP government clearly could not ascertain.

PM identified [progress] of [ongoing] 100 day deadlines like

  1. In 90 days, NHC tenants were able to secure their lots, paying only legal fees once arrears were pay up.
  2. 490 lots out of 500 were identify $5.00/sq ft
  3. Joint venture – Public/Private – low income housing.
  4. April 19th education consultation to commence 100
  5. Draft legislation out there. With committee establish under an independent senator to hear discussions since this is a new way of doing things in Barbados. Now you see why Ellis had to keep hammering at Thompson!!!!!!!!.

To us we were more interesting in cost the of living and agriculture and Mr Cox dedicated his time to such. Like when the PM mentioned price gouging, Mr Cox wanted to know how the PM could made such a charge, it was bear out that the Fair Trading Commission identified 21 anti competitive practices that hinder the open market policies with nothing being done about them.

In a nutshell Government will open up the market if products with protection are not more competitive, meeting with at least one large distributor in America to work with local enterprises to made food products more affordable to consumers, widen basket of goods with no VAT, removal of VAT on building materials for first time owners value less than $100,000. Anything else will be mention in the Financial Budget.

On the issue of agriculture, we were disappointed. Whilse we welcome government decision protect the East Coast from development- that would put the environmentalists in their pockets- we felt that the DLP administration should have gone further and purchase last remaining spots along the West and South Coast. Also no mention of amendments to – change of land use that can be so easily come by, increase taxation for land felt to fallow nor identifying tracts of lands to place in agriculture use to boost local consumption. Then again, these may come out in the Budget. We will wait and see. Kemar Jordan – CMC sitting in the middle decided to ask more neutral questions although some of her questions overlapped the others’.


Integrity Legislation etc –  3 points

100 day deadlines –  5 points

Agriculture production –  0 points

Dialogue with nation –  8 points

Grasp of Issues and willing to do something about them –  7 points

For thing for sure, the broadcast definetly told us that journalists and civil servants do read Barbadians blogs, like BU, BFP and Bajan Reporter.


3 Responses to DLP Government Takes Bull By The Horns Despite Its Detractors But Still Have A Long Way To Go

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  2. BGR says:

    “The truth is Barbadians have become fat cats, and have taken on a behaviour induced by a high absorption rate of materialism caused by a misplaced thinking honed over decades. ‘

    The DLP have always come to power at the most critical times in our history. Maybe that is the hand that have been dealt to them.
    Needless to say the Dems have always be the one to made the hard choices for the good of the nation and its people whether created by misguided policies on their part or the BLP’s part.
    These are serious times and the free wheeling and dealing under the last administration would not have beefit us in the long run.The fact of the matter is that the BLP [especially under Owen] pampers citizens like babies caught up in a “anything goes mentality” whilst at the same time promoting propaganda that it has the country best interest at heart and all is well. On the other hand the DLP are more apt at “cut and contrive”.
    That’s why we need alternate government. Neither party have master the art of taking care of both the physical and social infastructure at the same time.
    DLP leans more on social infastructure and the Bees – physical infastructure.
    We have a diesel vechicle between us and the new diesel prices will have an effect of course but as one blogger said “desperate times called for desperate measures”.
    Mia claims of the government not having control over increase private sector transportation fares etc is nothing more than scare tactics on her part to remind bajans of the period ‘92-94 under the Dems. But we survive did we not?
    She spoke on incerments along the way. Why could they not have done the same? Babying bajans until it is too late is not a hallmark of leadership. Bajans are now at the crossroads were we must differntiate between our needs and our wants. The sooner the better.
    What i do know is that the Dees have come at the right time in our history to deal with this gobal crisis on our hands and fate determine that they are the right persons for now to dealt with it.
    Time to tighten our seat belts as we are in for a rough ride ahead.
    Or as Rihanna would say “Shut up and drive up”.

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