UPDATED – Mugabe: It Isn’t Over Until I Say So

robert-mugabe.jpg     Head of the African Union {AU} election observer mission, Ahmad Tejankabbath, met with Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvanigirai separately in a bid to resolve the deadlock created by Mugabe blocking the official poll results and refusing to concede defeat publicity. In what can be consider a last desperate act to hold on to power, Mugabe would fight a runoff but for later. For now {according to the Africa media}  he wants to use his emergency powers to amend electoral law to have the second round in 90 days. He can also opt for a 6 month transitional government.

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     The international media has reported that security forces of the ruling  Mugabe government have raided the offices of the main opposition party headed by Mr Tsvangirai and also rounded up foreign journalists staying at a hotel; covering the election results.The handwriting is  on  the wall for sure.

 For the first time in 28 years Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Zanu-PF party has lost its majority seats in the lower house of Parliament. The country’s Electoral Commission has confirmed that the opposition won control of the House of Assembly.

So now all eyes are on the official presidential results which the Commission have yet to to released{5 days since the polls closed}. Just like Hilary Clinton vowing to stay in the US Democratic race for White House Presidency, Mugabe isn’t bowing out gracefully either.

With unconfirmed reports that both parties are neck in neck in the tight race to the finish, if the Tsvanigira’s MDC have less than 50% of the votes, it would necessitate a run off. Under the country’s electoral rules, a candidate needs to win at least 51% of the vote to avoid a second round. Of course Mr Tsvanigirai would very much want to avoid this if he is the man to end Mugabe era. On the other hand this will give Mr Robert Mugabe the opportunity to avoid an embarrassing defeat out right and still hold on to the very end.

As to why the official presidential results are not known yet, let’s hope it is a case of ballot boxes still to come in from the 9,400 polling stations and not an attempt to rig the votes in favour of the Zanu-PF. As for the international observers ‘harping on’ about results not being  released yet, it would only add fuel to the fire that Zimbabweans may think something  suspicious is going on.


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