Cult Members Leave Apocalypse Cave

doomsday-cave.jpg       Had to do a little research here. Good, found it.  ‘ Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ and shall deceive many. ……….and many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many. {Matt 24-4 & 11}.

On with the news story. reports that 14 members of a Russian doomsday cult {out of 35} have emerged after 6 months  in an underground bunker {in the Penza region of central Russian}. This was a result of a landslide occurring inside the underground shelter. The group {including children} entered the cave last October awaiting the end of the world in May or April this year according to their leader. Seven left  the dugout over the weekend.

Now let me see if I understand this correctly. God through the leader predicted the end of the world in May or April. Hmmm. Apparently God did not know precisely which month beforehand it would be. Secondly, decided it was best to hide in a bunker. Again God did not know beforehand that the bunker would be prone to landslides. Thirdly then told the group to leave before they all die underground. I see.

To quote a famous line from a character on the Lenny Henry show,  ‘I DON’T THINK SO’.

Hah but that isn’t all folks. ‘The sect’s leader Pyotr Kuznetsov did not join his followers in the cave because {get this}, he told them God had different tasks for him. My, my, my, whatever could that be!!!!!!!.

Here’s how I see this. Cult leader told followers the world will end in 7 months time. Best way was to hide in a cave after you will be protected from everything above the surface. Did not join them because the poor chap DID NOT BELIEVE HIS OWN MESSAGE!!!!.

Now some may say God use the landslide to shake them out of their illusion. Apparently so, since nothing else work, even their leader fail in that attempt. Oh by the way did I  mention that Pyotr Kuznetsov is schizophrenic?. The article ends with ‘ the cult is said to be a splinter group of the Russian Orthodox Church that believes bar-codes are the work of satan.

I think the buzz word now is RFID tags.

Let’s hope the remaining 14 are alive as well.


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