Oregon’s Solution To Healthcare Set Up Lottery!!!

j0410127.jpg    We in Barbados sometimes don’t know how good we have it here  until we see, heard or read something that makes us go huh!!!. The public health care services {I deliberately did not use the word industry for a very specific reason} we have in this country  though not up to scratch{with the long waits, shortage of doctors, need I say more?}, are still reasonably well and even though we had some persons objecting to the Q.E.H being run by a board of directors, fees increasing and some insightful Bajans noticing the trend of shifting more emphasize on private care, still  Bajan governments have never {let’s hope it continue so} run health care in Bim as a profit making venture.

That doesn’t mean others aren’t doing it though.

There is basic health care at the polyclinics and to a larger extent the Q.E.H – with some paid services – and private care – fork money out front – {if no health insurance} or if in dire straits send out an appeal and some kinds folks will help out financially.

So when I read up on  this piece from salem-news.com I remember the old adage – desperate times calls for desperate action. The health care industry in America,  yes, industry, is nothing more than a bloodsucking profit making venture design to squeeze every cent out of the ordinary man in order to line the coffers of the health related corporations.

Every legislation passed, aided by lobbyists, have done nothing but make health care in the US expensive, unaffordable and unattainable.

So desperate is the situation that the state of Oregon have resorted to a health care lottery. You got that right. Health care lottery. For those that cannot afford it.

With 45m Americans uninsured, approximately 600,000 of them Oregonians, a state computer will randomly select the names of 3000 people – on a reservation list that have attracted 91,675 uninsured names – who will be mailed applications. For be considered for eligibility, individuals must complete and return the applications within 30 days of the date stamp on them.

Thank God that is not happening here !!!. With mail taking sometimes 3weeks to get from one destination to another on this 166 sq miles of rock, lots of people would sure miss out!.

Of course something as huge as this calls for a public awareness program and the authorities pull out all the stops. With 5000 posters written in English & Spanish, 670,000 brochures in 10 languages, 330,000 households receiving direct mail and materials to 1800 community partners.

The selection process will continue over a period of months until the required quota is filled.


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