Boycotting Of Olympic Opening Ceremony Gaining Momentum

As China continued its crackdown on the recent unrest in its Chinese province of Tibet where at least 22 people have been killed so far, the Belgium government today have hinted at the possibility of boycotting the Beijing Games if the situation in Tibet worsened. The suggestion came a day after French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday spoke on the likelihood of boycotting the opening ceremony.

As the world continue to keep its eyes on China and Tibet, reports are that there is a move afoot to punish China for its handling of the violence in Tibet with the suggestion that VIPs boycott the opening ceremony of the games in August.

This is in stark contrast to the decision taken by the European Union and Olympic committees who held talks on Monday opposing such a move. “Under no circumstance, will we support the boycott. We are 100% unanimous.” Patrick Hickery the head of the European Olympic committees said in an interview. “A boycott is only a punishment of the athletes.” Australian Olympic committee President John Coakes endorsed the claim that boycotting  would achieve nothing except disadvantaging the athletes.

Economic relations between the 27- nation EU and China are moving closer all the time. Bilateral trade double between 2000 and 2005 and reached 370b in 2006. Europe is China’s largest export market and China is Europe’s prime source of imports.

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{Adapted from International Press Reports.}


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