Grenada Deputy Minister Named In Bribery Case

With all the talk these days about accountability, integrity legislation in Barbados and forensic audits across the board on government projects under the former BLP government, we came across a rather interesting piece involving one of our Caribbean neighbours. According to press reports, Grenada Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Energy, Gregory Bowen, has been implicated in a bribery case.

The documents filled in a New York court on February 25 2008 is listed as “Civil Action No. 06 Civ.11512 {EJW}”. The lawsuit was brought by complaint US Texan oil man, Jack Grynberg – who is also President of RSM Production Corporation -against Bowen and his Russian associates. These other defendants name were the Russian energy group TNK-BP in which BP {a British  oil company} has a 50% stake and Russian “oiligarch” Mikhail Fridman. {Our understanding of the word “oiligarch” is a obscenely wealthy tycoon sometimes refer to as the “godfathers” of Russia}. Also named  in the suit was BP former Chief Executive Lord Browne. 

According to court documents, Grynberg and RSM signed an oil and gas exploration agreement with the government of Grenada in 1996. That same year in September Grenada’s Minister of Energy and Deputy Prime Minister Bowen told Grynberg that he expected brides in order to allow RSM to do business on the island. 

Grynberg refused but in 1998 passed on certain information about proposed drilling  sites to BP in the hope of forming a partnership with the British oil company.

BP turned down Grynberg’s offer. The lawsuit however alleges that information about Grenada may have been passed on to TNK.

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