UPDATED – Muslims Protest Against Critic’s Film


The website on which the Dutch MP Greert Wilders was promoting his film – which is said to be critical of the Koran, the spiritual book of Muslims –  has been  suspended by its US hosting service, Network Solutions pending a review of the film to see if it has breach any terms of service.

 See previous article below.

 A Dutch film by Dutch MP Greet Wilders, critical about Islam have created an international uproar amongst the Islamic community. Wilders, who says the Koran is a facist book  that incites violence, has given few details about his 15min  film, only saying that he plans to release the film on the internet before the end of the month.

The film entitled ‘Fitna’ – an Arabic word use to describe strife or discord, usually religious – have sparked a demonstration in Amsterdam with at least 1000 proters objecting to the planned internet release of the film. The Dutch government has said it fears the same kind of backlash against the Nertherlands in the Muslim world as that seen against Denmark after Danish newspapers published cartoons of the prophet Mohommad in 2006. The country also faced unrest in 2004 after the murder of director Theo van Gogh who made a film critical of Islam’s treatment of women.Several Muslim countries have already condem the film, including Iran and Pakistan.

Mr Wilders who describes the Islamic ideology as ‘the enemy of freedom’ is under police protection.

{Taken from International Press Reprts}


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