$33m For Household Solar Hot Water

Whilst this writer congrats the Barbados Government on the need to further develop the solar energy needs of Barbadians, thereby reducing the country’s electrical bill, one wonders how long can they continue to subsidy electricity.

This initiative started by the Opposition BLP party and carry on by the present DLP government cannot continue indefinitely. Not forgetting the Dems plans to remove VAT on electricity bills.

Either way the Barbados Light & Power Company isn’t losing!!!!!!.

I say 1-Fast track as piority the placing of solar panels on all Government buildings.

          2-Remove VAT on households only – minus arrears. In other words, clear your arrears , then pay no VAT and

          3-Yes incentives will go a long way for those that want solar energy houses!!!! .

So let me share with you what others are doing. Like the folks in Victoria  who are getting much needed help with their solar hot water units.

That’s because the Australian Government plans to spend $33m helping households in both regional and rural Victoria to make the switch from gas or electric hot water systems to solar hot water systems. But it gets nicer.

Residents that are eligible can claim a rebate of up to $2500 to install a hot water unit.

Says Minister for Environment and Climate Change Gavin Jennings, ”We recognise that for some people the cost of installing solar hot water means making the shift is a challenge and that’s why we are providing up to $2500 to help cover the cost.”

He further added that hot solar water has been proven to be more energy efficient and cheaper to run over time.

Great way to start I say.

{Adapted from International Press Reports}


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