Millions Starve As Tons Of Food Rots In Haitian’s Ports

Bureaucratic red tape  have led to a back log of containers full of food stacking up in Haiti’s ports which is being felt as far away as 600 miles in Miami.

Governments attempts to clean up the  corrupt port system that has help make Haiti a major conduit for Columbian cocaine has added new layers of bureaucracy – leaving millions of Haitians starving. So deperate is the situation that many are forced to eat cookies made of dirt, salt and vegetable oil.

The flies, crockroaches and rotting stench are faced by the port workers daily.

All because in part, of  government efforts to clean up a port system that the World Bank recently ranked as the second-worst in the region behind Guyana.

Haiti’s custom reforms effort have the backing of the international community with the US government helping fund port security and the UN peacekeepers stepping up anti-smuggling patrols along the coast and Dominician borders.  

Of course if one wanted their goods out in a timely manner I suppose some greasing would take place somewhere…………………..

{Adapted from International Press Reports}


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