Mexico’s Coke Zero Drops Deadly Sweetner

CocaCola has reformulated the Mexico version of CocaCola Zero removing an artifical sweetner that is banned in the US and which caused an outcry from consumer advocates.

The sweetner – sodium cyclamate – banned in the States 39 years ago by the Food and Drug Administration, was found to be link to cancer based on lab findings.

Coco Cola made the change because of ”significant advances in food technology that we did not have when we launched the formula in Mexico” {February 2007}, the company spokeman Rafael Fernandez said.

Sodium Cyclamate – still legal in more than 50 countries – was replaced with a combination of two other artifical eweetners, aspartame and acesulfamek.

{Adapted from International Press Reports}


2 Responses to Mexico’s Coke Zero Drops Deadly Sweetner

  1. BGR says:

    What ‘significant advances’? Now you see why consumers groups are necessary. The product was banned 39 years ago in your company country of origin. Stories like these just make my blood boil.

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