Hugo Chavez Dares US To Put Venezuela On Terrorism List

28c7f161a7e3428c86e5b9b05ee71804-grande.jpg     President Hugo Chaven dared the US on Friday to put Venezuela on a list of countries accused of supporting terrorism, calling it one more attempt by Washington to undermine him for political reasons.

Chavez said the threat to include us on the terrorist list ‘is Washington’s respone to his government’s successes in the region”.

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4 Responses to Hugo Chavez Dares US To Put Venezuela On Terrorism List

  1. cherry2enpowered says:

    The US is pulling out all the stops in ensuring that Chavez is taken out of the picture whether by outside forces or internal forces.

    By taking steps to branding Venezuela a terrorist country supporting terrorism consequently roping in Chavez – means sanctions with or without the UN – help translates into economic hardships for the people who will be agitated enough to call for Chavez’s head.

    Do i hear ‘Riots in de lands’?.
    The knight in shining amour will save you.

  2. BGR says:

    Welcome cherry2enpowered. Yes the US does seem determine to go after Chavez no matter what. As you rightly said they can bypass the UN and impose sanctions since the UN is US. They can only condemn if not to look helpless. America have laws that once brand a terrorist, they will go after you full steam ahead whether legit or not. You have no rights.You are powerless against such laws.

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