Bear Convicted For Theft Of Honey

j0316871.jpg   The sweet taste of honey was just too tempting for a bear in Macedonia which repeatedly raided a beekeeper’s hive.

Now it has a criminal record after a court found it guilty of theft and criminal damages.

However there was an empty dock in the  city of Bitola, where the no handcuffed bear was convicted in its absence.

The case brought by an exasperated beekeeper, came on the heels of trying for a year in vain to protect his precious beehives.

For a while, he kept the bear away by buying a generator, lighting up the area and playing thumping Serbian turbo-folk music.

But the generator ran out of pwer, the music fell silent, the bear was back and the honey gone once more.

”It attacks the beehives again” said beekeeper Zoran Kiselosi.

The court ordered the state to pay damages to the hive – around $3,500 {£1,1750, 2,238 euros} because the animal had no owner and belonged to a protected species.

The bear is still at large – somewhere in Macedonia.



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