Cytotec – The Abortion Pill

 The Ministry of Health in Barbados is investigating the illegal use of a drug in abortions.

Misoprostol best know by the brand name – Cytotec – is known in the drug class – gastric mucosa protectant.

Misoprostol {Cytotec} is commonly use to prevent stomach ulcers in paients  using  nonsteroidal antiflammatory drugs {NSAIDS – the drugs commonly used for arthritis, inflammation and pain }.

Cytotec reduces the amount of acid produced in the stomach and protects the stomach lining from the effects of acid.

 Cytotec is also use in unwanted pregnacies. Taken orally or broken in pieces and inserted vaginally can ripen a woman’s cervix and induce labour. Without the proper medical supervision, however it can cause serious adverse effects including maternal or fetal death, uterine rupture and severe vaginal bleeding and shock.

And because of this Chief Medical Officer Dr Joy St. John has confirmed authorities will be stepping up their vigilance on the medication after reports surfaced about the rising use of the drug from women and men mainly in their 20′ and 30′ inquiring  according to one pharmacist.

The abortion drug can be brought over the counter for about $100.00, as opposed to a supervised abortion which would cost about $700.00.

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